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  VIP Package 1 Year of All Sports $15000.00

This package is exclusively for individuals that are 'High Rollers' If you are serious about winning and want to have cutting edge information then this is the package for you. With this package you have around the clock access to the Sports Guru team for an entire year. We will also set you up with a customized money management system. You will receive last minute plays by text or phone call that will not be published anywhere else. This is the Insiders edge for individuals that are very serious about winning and want to have the last minute advantages. We will also study at least 2 hand selected game by you per week to give you the winners for the games that are not published on our site. If you want to learn more about our team and the VIP Package feel free to call us toll free at 844-SGC-WINS. Instant Access Once Your Order Is Placed!


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